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Milne and Mutt are very excited to launch their new DOG SCENT'R. Offering 121 scent detection sessions and group classes.

  • Learn how to teach your pet dog scent detection from your own home.

  • Understand the concepts of scent detection, what a Scent ID is and how to build an Indication.

  • We will teach you how to build odour obedience so your dog stays on the source of the odour and ignore all distractions.

Can Any Dog Do Scent Detection?
Yes! Scent detection is great for:

  • Reactive dogs

  • Less mobile dogs

  • Dogs of all ages from young puppies to senior dogs

  • Any breeds and backgrounds

  • Boisterous dogs

  • Busy Dogs

  • Fearful dogs

The Power of Nosework is endless!

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121 Scent Detection Sessions

UK Sniffer Dogs- Bronze Level

UK Sniffer Dogs- Silver Level (must complete bronze before booking)

4 x 1-hour session- £365

Limited to South East London only, please see areas covered below.

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Scent Detection Group Class


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