UK Sniffer Dogs

Scent Detection For Pet Dogs

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Teach your dog to become a sniffer dog! UK Sniffer Dogs is all about allowing pet dogs to have a go at sniffer training

  • Learn how to teach your pet dog scent detection from your own home...

  • Understand the concepts of scent detection, what a Scent ID is and how to build an Indication.

  • We will teach you how to build your Odour Obedience with Line up Searches 

  • Dogs absolutely love scent work and this course will be their first step to Becoming a qualified Scent Detection Dog with UK Sniffer Dogs

Can Any Dog Do Scent Detection?
Yes! Scent detection is great for:

  • Reactive dogs

  • Less mobile dogs

  • Dogs of all ages from young puppies to senior dogs

  • Any breeds and backgrounds

  • Boisterous dogs

  • Busy Dogs

  • Fearful dogs

UK Sniffer Dogs Mission Statement:

“To improve dog's lives through nosework. By applying our knowledge as dog trainers and scent instructors, we have developed a program that will enable owners to give their dogs positive scent experiences, not only teaching them to work and play with scent, but using scent to help rectify certain problems in pet dogs' behaviour.


The Power of Nosework is endless!”

How To Get Involved?

UK Sniffer Dogs Detection Dogs Series One- 4-hour workshop (DATES COMING SOON)- £80

UK Sniffer Dogs Detection  Dogs Series One- 121 sessions available- enquire for details