Puppy Pack-3.png

 I recommend certain products to buy for your new furry friend to help with training, so instead of the hassle of buying online and waiting for delivery, why not add a puppy bundle onto your training pack and receive it on your first session. 

Pack Includes:
Snuffle Mat-A Snuffle Mat gives your dog the chance to use their nose, their paws and their tongue. The Snuffle Mat allows you to hide treats and kibble inside the mat, for your dog to scavenge. Snuffle Mat's provide your dog a fun alternative to their regular meal time, as it taps into their primal instincts to forage for their food.  (Approx size 37cmx 17cm, perfect puppy size)

Puppy Kong-A Kong allows your dog to work for their food,  stimulating their mind and enhancing their fun. There are hundreds of recipes online that you can use to stuff inside the Kong including; peanut butter, cottage cheese, sweet potatoes, banana and your dogs food.

(Available in pink or blue)

Kong Tennis Balls (3xpack)- The perfect fetch toy.

Fleece Tug Toys (2 included)-Perfect for playing tug and long enough that you have some distance between your puppy's sharp teeth and your hand




Snuffle mats and fleece tug toys are available in a variety of colours