We could not have had a better dog trainer than Jemma. Oskar loved seeing her each week and she was extremely good with him and us. Importantly, Jemma was able to build up our skills to be able to continue on with training using the techniques we were taught. Jemma provided support outside of sessions by sending follow up emails reinforcing what we had learnt and providing helpful advice at such a critical stage of Oskar's development - for that we are very grateful! Thanks Jemma!!



Jemma was amazing with our puppy French Bulldog Esco. I learned so much from her and she really built my confidence to continue training Esco with the commands she has taught him and I. Jemma is not only an amazing teacher but she is also very knowledgeable, patient and understanding and will give advice on any matter regarding your dog's health and wellbeing. Esco is only 4 months old but he already understands an entire range of commands and is now well on the way to being potty trained thanks to Jemma's fantastic advice.



Fantastic !! Jemma has been a huge help with Billy he is a different dog... we enjoyed all the training sessions with her. I recommend Jemma to anyone that needs help with their dog. She has truly changed our life for the better. Thanks again and good luck with the future.