Come and join us in our brand new group classes!

* Positive, Reward-based Training in small class sizes

* Indoor Venue
* Handouts after each class

* Class runs for 1 hour

* Two Instructors

Classes held at Deanfield Primary School, Eltham.

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Puppy School


Up to 20 weeks

​6 spaces per class

£220 (5 weeks)

  • Sit, Down, Stand

  • Leave

  • Focus and Attention

  • Settle

  • Recall

  • Puppy Play

  • Socialisation

  • Walk Nicely 

  • Drop

  • Stay

  • No jumping


21 WEEKS +

6 spaces per class

£220 (5 weeks)

This class is aimed at dogs that have basic training.

This 5 week class will give you the chance to practise everything you have learned with your dog and put it to the test in a distracting environment.


Going through the adolescent stage with your dog can be tough; you may EVEN feel like tearing your hair out! it's ok, our aim is to guide and support you through this stage by setting you up to succeed in a class environment.


5 spaces per class

£230 (5 weeks)

Scent Detection Passive Indication.jpg

This 5-week course will introduce you to the world of scent detection. It is a fun and easy to follow course which will teach your dog to search and indicate on a specific odour.


Scentwork is an amazing activity to get involved with. It has many benefits and your dog will thank you for signing up. 


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